Worship My Ass

Hello again lover,

I hope that your workday is going well, and that you won’t find this email too distracting from your job duties. I have been getting the urge to torment you again, so tonight you should expect to be in for another round of me of going through “one of those moods.” In particular, I have been thinking about new and unusual ways to humiliate you. Tonight, I have decided to make you service my ass. I am going to tell you some of the juicy details before the actual event because I want that delicious sense of dread to build in you throughout the day. When I see you tonight, I want to see the difficult-to-swallow nervousness that comes from having spent time away from me. Time worrying about what was going to happen when next I got my hands on you. It is the sense of dark anticipation that I think I love most.

First, I want you to remove all your clothing and kneel before me without any prompting. By doing this you will communicate to me that you are my property and you have mentally accepted what is going to happen next. When you have lowered your eyes to the floor, as you should, you will find your posture collar there waiting for you. Put it on. After that, keep your eyes down as I pace around you basking in your submission. If you so much as raise your eyes during this time, expect to be severely beaten. If you do keep your eyes down, you will eventually find that my boots have made their way to just under your nose. You are to clean them thoroughly with your tongue until I say otherwise. If you find the taste of shoe leather not to your liking, then I can only imagine how humiliating it will be to spend hours tasting my ass.

When I am finally satisfied with the cleanliness of my boots, I will instruct you to rise, make your way to the bedroom, and lie on the bed face up. I will then proceed to tie you hand and foot to my four-poster bed and blindfold you. To add an extra special twist to this evening, I am also planning on attaching two leads to the rings on your posture collar and anchoring your head squarely between the two front posts of the bed face up and ready to service me. I will then put a pillow by each side of your anchored head to give me a soft cushion on which to sit. From your blindfolded and tied position on the bed, I bet you will become quite curious about the noises you will be hearing next as I take out the toys I plan on using that evening and arranging them on the nightstand next to the bed. I am not going to tell you now what toys those might be; in fact, I may just make up my mind then. Rest assured that there would be plenty capable of giving you pain and plenty capable of giving you pleasure, and I am going to really enjoy administering both to you over the course of the evening.

After I have picked out and arranged the toys I plan on using, next I will take my seat on your face. Having arranged it so that your face is cushioned between two pillows, I will make sure that I don’t place too much weight on it so you can better do your task. And since the posture collar is holding your head at the correct angle so that my asshole is just over your mouth, your task should be fairly apparent. I want you to lick my asshole thoroughly and lovingly for as long as I am seated there.

Now I have had many men do this service for me and it is always one I enjoy. There is something so indescribably pleasing about feeling a tongue work its way around my asshole. It’s a very sexually stimulating feeling, much more intense than a flick of the tongue over the nipples. And consider yourself warned, lover; I think once you get started I may not want you to stop until hours later and I have your entire body at my disposal to make my point and spur you on to greater service.

I especially plan on punishing your cock this evening. I know how much being smothered by my ass with my pussy getting wet only a couple of inches away must turn you on. And that erection is going to look like quite a tempting target for my riding crop. In fact, I want to let you know right now that I am going to love slapping your hard cock with my riding crop and watching it bounce around off of your legs. My visualization of your wincing as you read these words thrills me even more. I can’t wait until this evening.

I do hope that you fear the pain I am going to inflict upon you and your helpless cock, because that will give way to one of my most favourite games of all: control of your erection. You know that getting aroused is only going to bring you pain, but can you keep yourself from it? As you work your tongue in and around my ass, hearing my moans of approval, can you manage to keep yourself from getting hard? Oh, you can expect I’m going to make it quite hard for you, (pardon the pun) by running my hand over your chest and rubbing your nipples. (I know the effect it has on you). Erection or not, I also plan on putting clamps on both your nipples — and I will jerk furiously whenever I feel you are slacking off on your duties of sufficiently pleasing me.

After what I’m sure will seem like forever to you, in feeling the arousal of your tongue beginning to work its magic on me, I’ll become uncontrollably horny — not that you’re going to be getting any satisfaction from it. I intend on masturbating myself right there on your face as you continue servicing my ass like a good little boy. I want you to feel the humiliation of being my own personal sex toy as I bring myself to orgasm with your tongue working its fatigued rhythm in and out of my ass. Keep in mind, pet, that you will not be thirsting this evening.

Until tonight lover.