Video of Cheyenne Jewel’s Queening Stool Ride

Behold, our very first Queening video ever made. Note that the stool used in the video is NOT one I made. I was directing the scene and working behind the camera and this was my first opportunity to really work with a queening stool as a prop in a porn video.

I liked the way it made the lady parts accessible and easy to film. I did not like how Cheyenne was not able to sink into the stool. It seemed like she had to remain slightly perched above it. That it just wasn’t providing enough support. Also, it seemed a bit too light, with too high a center of gravity — easily toppled — which is not what we want.

I kept¬†¬†this in mind, when I started to make my own stools. My stools have 3 inches of padding and are designed to work somewhat akin to a toilet seat in that the woman’s ass “sinks” down into the padding until she finds support. It makes for a much more comfortable and intimate ride.